Baudains Trade Supplies are now delighted to offer a full range of renewable options, including Samsung air source heat pumps & solar. Be it a new build property or renovation, BTS now have a solution that fits your needs.

Whatever your project scope, our specialist team can help you design a renewable system tailored to your specification & budget. Our products are designed to maximise efficiency through the highest quality manufacturing, saving both money and the environment. We are on hand to work with you to ensure your renewable package is the perfect fit.

Solar Packages

When you need a bespoke solution for the ultimate flexibility Telford Tempest pressurised solar heating system from Baudains Trade Supplies can be tailored to meet all your hot water needs. The Solar installation is fitted with a solar fluid that remains within the solar panel and pressurised sealed system.

Each system component is specified and supplied for individual siting and installation, providing flexibility as a fundamental benefit of the system. The panels can be arranged individually or connected together with simple joined mounting supports and ‘push-fit’ fittings.

Telford solar collectors are available in a range of sizes and can be grouped and connected together to provide the maximum required absorber area. Panels are normally mounted on the roof and there are fixing arrangements suitable for sloping, flat roofs, tile or slate options. This makes the Telford system suitable for both new build and retrofit applications.

Telford / Samsung pre-plumbed heat pump package

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Heat Pump Cylinders

With developers using more renewable energy sources than ever before, the Tempest Heat Pump is now available to be used with Air/Ground source heat pumps. This version is available in single coil where Heat Pump is the only heat source and Twin Coil where solar or a boiler is also available.

As with all ranges of our Tempest we are so confident in the construction that we have given the Tempest Heat Pump a lifetime warranty.

Our standard Heat Pump coil has a surface area of 3.3m2, as a result the smallest tank we can offer is a 200litre. Smaller capacity cylinders are available where a lower surface area coil can be used.