About Us

A brief history

After working for a large Guernsey builders merchant for 17 years, ultimately attaining the role as Managing Director, Peter Baudains founded BTS (P A Baudains Ltd) in May 2001. BTS took on premises in the Amballes which had previously been the home for engineering works, a laundry and initially supplied coal gas for St Peter Port.

The product lines inherited, grew from pumps, steel pipes, steel fittings and hoses, to the supply of hand and power tools, the design, supply and fit of storage equipment, mezzanine floors and archiving storage.

In 2010 Mark Baudains joined the company.

The move

In early 2008 BTS made the move from the Amballes to the Braye Road Industrial Estate in St Sampson's. Moving from a large but piecemeal site to a large warehouse. This allowed us to put the skills of our storage installation team to good use, installing heavy duty racking and mezzanine floors to our own particular requirements. The onloading of freight, a nightmare at our previous site, became easier,especially with the latest fork lift truck that was purchased at the time.

The future

Four years ago it was decided that BTS should join the world wide web and two years ago we launched www.uktoolbox.com. As the name implies, this was aimed mainly at the supply of hand and power tools into the UK as well as the islands using our warehouse in the Midlands.